“As a mentor, it is amazing to see how Daphne Gregory’s internship program prepares her interns for our firm’s environment. Our company is one of the giants on Wall St., and it is fascinating for me to see the interns adapt so well in such a short period of time to a very high power, dynamic, and diverse office culture.“
– A.A., Mentor

Our company works with a wide array of businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area. We establish relationships with professional business mentors at each site for our interns. The interns are matched to mentors who oversee and guide them through the steps of learning about the business or institution. They also provide opportunities for growth as the intern advances in skills and knowledge. Our professional mentors maintain contact with DGA educational associates and internship monitors throughout the internship in order to ensure that each interns is maximizing the experience. Our mentors work in large business and institutional environments and well as in smaller firms.

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