"This program taught me so much about myself and the entire music and recording profession as a whole. I am sure every other intern felt the same way in their chosen career internships. We shared our experiences in our scheduled seminars, and it was most helpful to hear what other interns had to say. We supported each other and received the guidance from our educational monitors that we needed to succeed.”
– L.L., Intern

All interns are monitored by certified educators who maintain an ongoing relationship with mentors and interns. Monitors also visit interns on site to observe their progress. Interns are responsible for weekly journals, time sheets, and collateral assignments including an internship project. Their mentors and monitors evaluate them throughout their experience. Interns also formally evaluate their own experience. At the conclusion of the internship, all students gather to discuss their experiences and present their projects in a formal recognition ceremony which parents, mentors, and interested parties are invited to attend. The interns’ final responsibility is to create an essay reflecting on their experience. The unique characteristic of this program and all phases of the process is to offer students an immersion experience in career planning in a stimulating real-world setting that provides them with a focus for the future.

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