“Daphne Gregory and Associates has a great talent for screening and selecting outstanding candidates. The thorough preparation they receive enables them to be focused, motivated contributors during their internships. The personal contact and support that is maintained with our company mentors translates into a rewarding experience for the mentors as well as the interns. We look forward to their arrival every year.”
– J.W., Mentor
Sports Investments

What sets our program apart is our commitment to providing accessible and continuing support to our business mentors. Prior to the internship, we work with both our internship candidates and our business mentors to create suitable matches in order to provide businesses with candidates who have skills and abilities that are compatible to the selected career site. We work closely with mentors to develop an individualized program that meets the needs and requirements for all participants. We maintain regular contact with our mentors and are fully available to assist them as the intern grows and assumes greater responsibility or if there are any issues to be addressed. We also help to cultivate independence in our interns that provides their mentors with greater comfort and trust in allowing them to do as much on their own as possible.

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