“My internship really helped me to finalize my decisions to study architecture in college. I am grateful I was able to have this experience to help me make the best choice for my future.”
K.T., Architecture Intern

A formal interview is conducted at the selected internship site with a designated mentor. Once the intern is accepted by the mentor, the duration of the internship is established. It can be full or part time for one semester or in the summer for a minimum of six weeks. The interns spend their entire internship on site and outside of the classroom exploring personal career goals by working with successful professionals. An individualized program is designed with the mentor in order to develop a mutually positive experience for both the intern and the mentor.

The interns gradually assume duties commensurate with their interests, abilities, and values. As their skills advance, they take on greater responsibilities and become important members of the professional environment. As an integral component of the internship process, monthly group seminars for all interns are conducted by Daphne Gregory and Associates, LLC, and are designed to guide interns in exploring and understanding specific career skills. Additionally, the seminars include discussions that encourage intern feedback and the sharing of information.

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