“There are times in one’s life where there is an opportunity to accomplish a dream. I was fortunate to accomplish one of mine by being given an internship at the United Nations. Not only did I learn how to work in an exciting and professional environment with many kinds of people from around the world, but I also realized the direction of my life. “
–M.W., Intern
International Politics/Languages

Interested students may apply. Along with the application, a brief essay is required describing why the applicant wants to participate in the program. Qualified candidates are conditionally accepted. An intake interview is conducted. Acceptance is then confirmed based on interest, motivation, and maturity level. Accepted students are given a series of assessments including a formal career inventory. They are then provided with a computer software program which allows them to explore specific careers, related college and graduate programs, and resume writing tools on their own. After review of all assessments and student input, they are then carefully matched to a career field, and a resume is collaboratively developed in preparation for an interview.

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