“It is rare to find the combination of commitment, professionalism, passion, and attention to detail that is incorporated into this internship program. It overachieves by providing both students and mentors a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Regular contact is maintained with each of the interns and ongoing evaluations of their progress ensures the effectiveness of the program.”
– R.P, Mentor
Creative Director, Advertising and Media

Daphne Gregory and Associates, LLC provides the opportunity for motivated high school upperclassmen and college students to engage in a comprehensive experiential learning program. The company specializes in providing full semester and summer internships in the New York metropolitan area. Participants are guided through a series of assessments, including a formal career inventory, and are carefully matched to a quality internship placement. Students are counseled in resume writing and interviewing techniques prior to a formal interview. Through their internship, they experience a stimulating and unique integration of theory and practical application with a business mentor in a specific career field. Our company works with a wide array of businesses and institutions including Fortune 500 companies. Career areas include business and finance, the arts and media, science and medicine, computer technology, advertising and communications, international relations, and other fields that relate to our interns’ individualized needs. Interns are monitored by experienced educators throughout their internship in order to assist them in maximizing their on-site learning. The benefits of participating in this comprehensive internship experience include meeting adult challenges, working with exceptional role models, cultivating future career prospects, increasing opportunity for college / graduate school acceptance, and developing a more clarified focus for the future. The educational foundation of the program greatly enhances the success rate of interns and provides them with the knowledge and formal structure necessary to fully actualize their potential in a real world setting.

The 15 year history of excellence of this program has been recognized on the local, state, and national level. It was originally developed by Daphne Gregory, former Internship / Transition Coordinator for the prestigious Millburn High School in New Jersey, with the collaborative support of Dr. Keith Neigel, former Millburn High School Principal and Deputy Superintendent . The program was initially created to provide high school seniors with leading edge opportunities in the real world, but soon grew through Daphne Gregory’s private consulting firm to include college and high school students throughout the New York metropolitan area and from around the country.




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